Plug & Play PL-L (21.3 Inch) 4-Pin Quad Tube LED – Daylight (6000K) – 27 Watts – 2970 Lumens – Relamp & Replaces 55 Watt Fluorescent Bulb PL-L 55W (without rewiring or modification) – Ballast Required!


Plug & Play PL-L Quad Pin 21.3 inch LED directly relamp and replace the 55 watt fluorescent bulb PL-L 55W without rewiring or modification

  • Directly relamp & replace fluorescent bulb PL-L-55W without rewiring or modification
  • Energy saving of 51% from 55 watts to 27 watts with 2970 lumens output
  • Relamp LED products works with magnetic and electronic ballasts only!
  • Ballast operated lamp, not bypass compatible

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PL-L LED lamp directly relamp and replaces linear compact fluorescent Light bulb (CFL) PL-L 55 Watt 4-Pin Base, 2G11 without rewiring or modification. It’s a Plug & Play product from our “Relamp Series” when switching to LED lighting. Our PL-L LED lamp bulb works with traditional magnetic ballasts and modern electronic ballasts in the market, so you can plug it in and quickly enjoy bright lighting. It’s fully compatible with Instant Start, Programmed Start, Rapid Start ballasts and magnetic ballasts.

Installing the lamp, as easy as changing a bulb:

  1. Turn power OFF before installation
  2. Remove the existing lamp
  3. Install LED PL-L lamp
  4. Switch on power

General Specifications:

  • Energy saving of 51% from 55 watts to 27 watts with 2970 lumens output
  • All plastic diffuser and aluminum construction for better light distribution, less spot reflections
  • Heavy duty aluminum heat sink ensures the lamp runs cooler for longer
  • Plastic and aluminum construction ensures less breakage
  • Long life span of > 50,000+ hours
  • High lumen output > 110 lumens/watt
  • 6000 kelvin daylight light appearance
  •  Uses 27 watts = 55 watts equivalent
  • 1 bulbs per package
  • 2970 lumens
  • 4-Pin, 2G11 Base type connector
  • Maximum overall length (M.O.L): Approx. 21.3” with pins
  • Technical description: PL-L 55W
  • Perfect for garage, basements, warehouses and industrial buildings
  • Ideal for commercial interior lighting applications in 2’x2′ fixtures,1’x2′ fixtures
  • Works with electronic and magnetic ballast only!
  • Ballast operated lamp, not bypass compatible

Equivalent replacement for:

  • PL-L 55W/830
  • PL-L 55W/840
  • PL-L 55W/865
  • PL-L 55W/950

Technical Details