16 Inch Warm White 2700K
Circline T9 LED


Plug & play 16 inch Warm white Circline T9 LED replaces fluorescent FC16T9 bulb without rewiring

  • Relamp LED products and fully compatible with magnetic and electronic ballasts.
  • Directly replace fluorescent bulb FC16T9 without rewiring or modification.
  • Plug and play as simple as changing a light bulb.
  • Energy saving of 45% from 40 watts to 22 watts with 2420 lumens output.
  • Note: For 9 inch Circline T9 and FCL30EX-L-LL, the replacement is RL-FC9T9

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T9 Circline, Circular LED Lamp

When you need a lot of lighting in a compact fixture, choose a circline LED bulb from our wide selection in webstore. These lights are a popular choice for residential and commercial spaces and are available in various sizes. You can have a circline bulb with a diameter as small as 6 inches or as big as 16 inches, depending on your lighting needs and size of space. See why so many people choose a circline bulb by buying one today. When searching, keep in mind that when paired with the new iteration of electronic ballast, these lights can save even more energy!

16 Inch Circline T9 LED directly relamps and replaces the 40 watt 16” fluorescent bulb FC16T9 without rewiring or modification. It is a plug and play product from the Relamp LED Series when switching to LED lighting. T9 LED bulb works with traditional magnetic ballasts and modern electronic ballasts. It’s fully compatible with Instant Start, Programmed Start, Rapid Start ballasts and legacy pre-heat magnetic ballasts.

Installation as simple as changing a light bulb:

  1. Turn off power
  2. Remove the fluorescent bulb/lamp
  3. Install the Circline T9 LED lamp and connect the socket all the way in
  4. Turn on power


  • Energy saving of 45% from 40 watts to 22 watts with 2400 lumens output
  • Long life span of >50,000 hours
  • Light colors available: 6000K, 4100K and 2700K
  • High lumen output > 110 lumens/watt

Other information:

  • LED lamp equipped with maneuvering connector, gives bulb advantage when adjusting to rigid lighting fixture.
  • Ballast Required! (lamp will malfunction if directly wired or connected to AC Main)

Why Plug & play LED?

Simplicity for installer – The lamp snaps into the existing fixture without any wiring modifications,
installation can be done by virtually anyone, as long as your existing ballast is compatible.

Safety – Whenever we can shorten the time someone has to spend dangling from a ladder, things are automatically safer.

No upfront cost – eliminate the need to hire a costly electrician to do modification.

Energy efficient – output on lamp is significantly improved with ballast for general consumption and commercial use.

Relamp LED products are designed and developed by New York LED Luminaries, Inc, Brooklyn, NY.

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