PL-L (9 Inch) 4-Pin Quad Tube LED – Daylight 6000K – 10 Watts – 1100 Lumens – Fluorescent CFL PL-L 18 watt 4-Pin 2G11 Base Replacement – Ballast Required – Plug & Play LED Tube


Plug & Play PL-L  Quad Pin 9 inch Daylight LED directly relamp and replace the 18 watt CFL bulb PL-LPL-L 18 watt without rewiring or modification.

  • Directly replaces the single pin 18 watt 9in 4-Pin fluorescent bulb PL-L 18 watt 4-Pin without rewiring or modification.
  • Fully compatible with Instant Start, Programmed Start, Rapid Start ballasts and magnetic ballasts.
  • Daylight of 6000K color temperature.
  • Energy saving of 45% from 18 watts to 10 watts with 1100 lumens output.

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If you’re tired of flickering fluorescent lights, get rid of the CFL plugins from your office fixtures with plug-in LED lamps. Plug and play LED lamps are extremely long lasting, and have an exceptional energy efficiency rating. They handle temperature changes far better than traditional fluorescents as well. These 4-pin LED PL lamps range in wattages from 18 watts to 55 watts and replace a 2G11 base.

PL-L 10 Watt 2G11 LED lamp directly relamp compact fluorescent Light bulb (CFL) PL-L 18 Watt 4-Pin Base, 2G11 without rewiring or modification. It’s a plug and play product from our “Relamp Series” when switching to LED lighting. LED lamp bulb works with traditional magnetic ballasts and modern electronic ballasts. It’s fully compatible with Instant Start, Programmed Start, Rapid Start ballasts and legacy pre-heat magnetic ballasts.

Installation as simple as changing a light bulb:

  1. Turn off power
  2. Remove the fluorescent bulb/tube
  3. Install the 2G11 lens facing out and connect the socket, all the way in
  4. Turn on power


  • Energy saving of 45% from 18 watts to 10 watts with 1100 lumens output
  • All plastic diffuser and construction for better light distribution, less spot reflections
  • Long life span of >50,000 hours
  • High lumen output > 110 lumens/watt


Ideal for commercial 2 x 2 foot fixtures, NYLL PL-L 27W 4-Pin 2G11 compact fluorescent lamps replacement provide significantly lower operating costs thanks to low maintenance utilization of a electronic or magnetic ballast (last for many years) This 4-pin, 2G11 base CFL LED operates at 27 watts and emits a wonderful bright as day 6000K color temperature. Use these lamps for general-illumination ceiling luminaries in retail, hospitality, and office applications demanding higher lighting levels.

Other information:

  • NOTE: Selections of PL-L include 18, 24, 36, 40, 50 and 55 Watts LED bulbs.
  • Designed to directly replace high wattage CFL’S while utilizing the 2G11 4-Pin base.
  • Simple lamp-for-lamp solution, re-using the existing fixture and keeping PLL form-factor.
  • Ballast Required! (lamp will malfunction if directly wired or connected to AC Main)

Why Plug & play LED?

Simplicity for installer – The lamp snaps into the existing fixture without any wiring modifications, installation can be done by virtually anyone, as long as your existing ballast is compatible.

Safety – Whenever we can shorten the time someone has to spend dangling from a ladder, things are automatically safer.

No upfront cost – eliminate the need to hire a costly electrician to do modification.

Energy efficient – output on lamp is significantly improved with ballast for general consumption and commercial use.

Relamp LED products are designed and developed by New York LED Luminaries, Inc, Brooklyn, NY.

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